Melissa (babymelissa87) wrote,

school and life

I never update anymore but im bored, so here it goes.

2007 so far is pretty good. Got all the classes I wanted and needed for school and works bearable at least. Janean lives here now so we get some sweet hangoutage and Laura and I are having a blast scrapbooking, shopping, and generally making fun of people.

I've decided to lay off guys for awhile. The shit with Tim was so not worth it. and I pretty much wasted my time with Curry as well. I just wish I had a guy friend, without a gf, whos not my ex, whos hot that just wants sex. Ill never find it. so Im giving up for a while. not that that has stopped people from hitting on me. in fact, I think since Ive sworn off guys, the hitting on has become more incessant.

I love guitar hero.
and I miss sleeping in.

thats my life.
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