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Christmas is finally over.

Life is pretty fucking fantastic right now. I've spent the last four days with Laura and Im not at all sick of her which is really rare for me. Christmas gifts were good. I got my pink luggage and my ridiculously expensive Abercrombie jeans. Also on the list, 2 pairs of super cute and indie keds, flip flops, a gap canvas bag (good for the environment), a pink Williams Sonoma spatula from Kasey, a sweater, Urban Outfitters patent leather flats, The O.C. Season Three, etc.

No ugg loafers. sadness. but Im sure everyone else is happy about it since they all think theyre ugly.

Troi and Jeremy got me Beverly Hills 90210 Season one on dvd. I love it the mostest.

Laura got me a brand new black 30g video ipod. Amazing. I love it soooo much.

Laura spent Christmas with me which helped since family shit is kinda crappy right now. We watched movies and drove around with Jason and Janean. Saw Lucas and Fattie which was fucking hilarious. Stayed up all night talking AGAIN. woke up this morning and went On a Wii hunt. it turned out ok.. I didnt find a wii but I did buy my extra remote, Zelda, and pink cover for the remote. Now all I need is the fucking console, one more cover, and Call of Duty. Im probably going to crack and buy a ps2 as well since they are sooo cheap right now but we'll see. Wii is the first priority. Picked up an adaptor for the ipod which is amazing and should hold me till I get a new deck for escargo and pink skin for it. I love it. now my phone, ipod, and wiimote all match. Im a dork, I know.

Janean is officially here which is awesome but shes sick so I prolly wont be hanging out with her soon.

anyway, Im enjoying this drama free time.
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