Melissa (babymelissa87) wrote,

Its Christmas Time in the City

I havent updated in forever. New technologically advanced LJ scares the shit out of me. So that shit with Tamara and Tim pretty much blew over for them. I really have no interest in ever talking to either of them again. I could just never respect Tamara again and Tim is such a pussy and a liar that it disgusts me to think about all the stuff we did. What a waste of time. now, past that, Life has been fantastic.

Troi came home on Friday. She, Jeremy, Laura and I went to La Cab. delicious. Then we went to jeremys and played wii for a while before heading off to a kickback at Nams friends Mike's house. it was a lot of fun. Those are more my kind of people than most of my friends. It was nice to be doing something fun for once on a friday night. Laura and I were getting so sick of sitting around peoples houses. Smoking came back in a big way that night but not any since.

Ive been working my ass off at The final touch and its starting to catch up with me. I havent even finished cmas shopping yet. let alone wrapped anything.

5 days till Christmas. Im excited. Last night I went to Lauras and played guitar hero II with her. hella fun. I want a ps2 for that game alone. but my heart is set on the wii. We also watched this movie called Snow on Cedars or something which was so good. It almost made me cry. almost.
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