Melissa (babymelissa87) wrote,

I can come right out and say it now. Tim and i messed around a lot for the past eight months. ghetto but fun but wrong. and not worth the shit it started with people. but I wasnt all to blame. and hopefully tamara will see that at some point but until then they can have their unhealthy relationship because Im not really losing much. actually things have been better than they were before for the past couple of days. so this is basically it and I really dont want to hear about either of them any more. I have no respect for anyone who is that pathetic. Laura feels the same way. Its nice having someone who understands. and even Curry and I are cool now again. so life is good. I love christmas. but I didnt love working ten hours today. thank you laura for the conversations well into the wee hours of the morning. the highlights?

"your website should be called" and "I took your boyfriend, your best friend and your job... what now bitch?!" - laura
"Im the kind of girl guys cheat on their gfs with"- me and josh
"I need a guy whos fun and spontaneous and exciting... even when his gf is around."_ me

oh and my trees name is gibbard.
I love it.
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