Melissa (babymelissa87) wrote,

Why not end it all in one shot?

Somehow I've gotten into emo music. no good. anyway, Im bored before work so I figured I should update. Life is really great right now. apparently so great that I dont have time to update ever. Work is going well, and Im surviving school. Last night, Jason, Erin, Celeste, Laura, Janean, and I went down to Santa Monica. It was a lot of fun, although I definitely enjoy third street more when Im high on demerol and eating fallafels. good times. Last night was completely sober but amazing. We parked in some ghetto ass parking structure and ate dinner at Hooters. Jason, Erin, and Laura had never been there before. Our girl was actually cute but most of them were still not crackin at all. We all left with loads of Hooters crap for our Hooters party. We then decided to walk around third street. I gave three dollars to a black man and he sang us a little song. Im super sad that I didnt see the psychic cat. Maybe he relocated to Venice Beach. Janean and Jason decided they wanted to go to a bar. So they went and got drunk while Laura, the Canadians, and I went shopping. We went into some Western store and tried on ridiculously expensive cowboy hats and took really funny pictures. and then the guy hit on us and gave us his number. ghetto. Made the big mistake of going into Guess and dropping 150 dollars. Laura spent double that. but it was fun. picked up Janean and Jason and Janean and Laura got into a little tiff about which makeup was better, Clinique or MAC. hella gay. I thought Janean was going to kill her. Had a really therapeutic talk with Janean on the long drive home. and I really think I need to stop being friends with some people. Work today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Beverly Hills for VDay and an anti war protest at UCSB on Thursday. lets hope I dont get thrown in jail.
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